Squid Game Season 2 is coming..!! Netflix confirmed.. Know more about it..

The Korean survival drama television series Squid Game, released on Netflix in 2021, created a huge wave around the world. Now, Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos has confirmed that there will be a second season of the series created by Hwang Dong-hyuk for Netflix. In an interview with the Variety media, Ted Sarandos said that as part of the franchise expansion, there will be a second season of the streaming platform’s record-breaking series “Squid Game”.

Sarandos believes the Korean show has the potential to bring audiences to live experiences and games. He calls it the “Squid Game ‘Universe”, which offers products such as tracksuits and mobile gaming from the show. “SquidGame ‘created the universe. We consistently build our consumer products such as SquidGame’ tracksuits, and then we make great strides in the mobile and portable experience,” Sarandos said.

Hwang Dong-huk, the creator of “Squid Game”, has previously confirmed that he will be working on season two of the show, which has won three Golden Globe Awards. “Of course I’m going to have a second season for the squid game. It’s in my head right now. I’m in the process of planning it now,” Hwang Dong-hyuk said earlier. However, no release date for the series has been announced yet. The company had confirmed that Netflix’s subscriber growth had slowed in the face of rival streaming platforms,

so they had a 24% share decline, in this case the news confirming the second season came. According to reports from Netflix in October last year, Netflix spent $ 21.4 million on the first season of “Squid Game”. Netflix’s investment in the South Korean show is an indication of its efforts to expand its international plans.