Single dad Raised Newborn Quadruplets After His Wife Left For Heaven.!!

When Carlos Morales initially met Erica in 2006, he didn’t speak English, and she couldn’t talk in Spanish either. However, they fell head over heels. The two figured out how to communicate in one another’s dialects and were hitched by 2007. The pair further dreamed of starting a family.

However, the challenges were far more than expected. After a misfortune of miscarriage, the couple opted for IVF in 2014. Erica got pregnant and gave birth to four kids-3 girls and one boy; it was the most fantastic day of their life. But, then the tragedy struck, grievousness followed happiness. After an hour, before even holding her kids or naming them, Erica passed away.

Even after the unfortunate twist of destiny, Carlos, the father, took care of the four babies alone in Phoenix, Arizona. Is it a sad or motivational story? We don’t know it. There is no possible explanation for Erica’s misfortune. But one thing is sure; God favored Carlos with four angels to not to surrender hope and trust.