See what happened when two elephants stuck at the traffic signal next to a truck carrying sugarcane!!..

There is little doubt that elephants fascinate humans with their behavior. This is often because elephants are very wise and may regularly amaze us with their clever thinking. Northern Thailand saw such a hilarious moment when two elephants got heaps of sugar cane from a truck while they were holding up in traffic.

The jumbos were being moved on a heavy load lorry, when they pulled up near the delicious treats at a busy junction, in Nakhon Sawan, northern Thailand. Smelling the lovely fragrance of the sugar cane on the truck near them, the 2 elephants appeared to have a similar idea. They seized the instant and gorged themselves on their cherished meal.

Sunisa Champangern shot the exceptionally interesting moment while she was in the vehicle behind the elephants. She said: ‘I’ve occasionally seen elephants being transported before but it had been a coincidence that they stopped next to a truck with food on. Other road users watched on dismayed because the jumbos not only pulled the sugar cane off the truck but also, managed to sneak some more canes on board with them as a snack. Well, that’s indeed a savvy move!!!!