Sales Jobs In Oman 29 March 2023

Sales Jobs In Oman 29 March 2023

Oman is a fleetly growing country with a different frugality, and there are numerous openings for individualities looking to pursue a career in deals. A deals career in Oman can be both grueling and rewarding.To start a deals career in Oman, you should consider the following way Research the assiduity exploration the assiduity you’re interested in, the competition, and the request trends. This will help you gain a better understanding of the assiduity and the challenges you might face. Develop your chops Develop your deals chops by attending training programs or shops.This will help you ameliorate your communication, concession, and donation skills.Build your network make your professional network by attending assiduity events, joining professional associations, and connecting with implicit guests and partners.Search for job openings Look for job openings in online job doors, company websites, or through reclamation agencies.

Prepare for interviews Prepare for interviews by probing the company and the part you’re applying for, and be ready to answer common deals interview questions.Get the necessary work permits If you’re a foreign public, you may need to gain a work permit before starting your deals career in Oman. Some of the diligence in Oman where you can pursue a deals career include oil painting and gas, construction, hospitality, retail, and banking. With the right chops and station, you can succeed in a deals career in Oman and make a positive impact on the frugality. There are several benefits of working as a deals professional in Oman, some of which include High demand There’s a high demand for deals professionals in Oman due to the country’s growing frugality and business opportunities.

Competitive compensation Deals professionals in Oman can anticipate to admit competitive compensation packages that include base payment, commissions, lagniappes, and other incentives. Professional growth A deals career in Oman can give excellent openings for professional growth, similar as developing new chops and gaining experience in different industries.Networking openings Deals professionals in Oman have the occasion to make strong connections with guests, associates, and assiduity leaders, which can lead to unborn career opportunities.Dynamic work terrain The deals profession in Oman is frequently fast- paced and grueling , furnishing a dynamic work terrain that requires creativity, strategic thinking, and adaptability.Travel openings Deals professionals in Oman frequently travel for business, which can give openings to see new places and experience different cultures. Job stability The demand for deals professionals in Oman is anticipated to continue to grow, furnishing job stability and security. Overall, a sales career in Oman can be both financially satisfying and carere fulfilling, with openings for growth, trip, and networking.

Last Updated on 29/3/2023

Product Sales Manager


Urgently hiring Product Sales Manager for a leading Oil & Gas Company in Oman.

Duties & Responsibilities

·       Good Interpersonal skills

·       Build customer relationships and grow our share of the customer’s wallet.

·       Supports the Leadership team in developing and maintaining positive customer relationships.

·       Assists in organization of customer visits and negotiations.

·       Identifying customer needs.

·       Preparation of Techno Commerical Offers – product and project sales

·       Capable of preparing technical compliance to tender specifications

·       Knowledge to do site survey and prepare full scope of installation

·       Knowledge of Tendering procedures

·       Versatile in nature

·       Help organize data and information to evaluate company benefits.

·       Coordinates internal communication across sales roles and segments and/or with internal stakeholders


·       Graduates Electrical / Mechanical Engineer with minimum 5 years Sales experience in Diesel Generator Sales.

·       Relevant industry background in Power generation

·       Strong command of MS Office tools with a focus on Excel

·       Fluent in English

·       Should be a fast learner

Interested candidates apply on following E-mail-

For further information contact-9884457155

Catering Sales Executive


Looking for Catering Sales Executive for a reputed company in Bahrain.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Find new customers for the company.  The successful candidate will proactively pursue leads and existing accounts through telephone solicitation, outside sales calls, site inspections and written communication
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Help plan the menu and logistics for each event
  • Manage relationships with repeat customers
  • Ensure all sales agreements and functions contracts entered into with the clients are communicated to other departments to assure guest satisfaction.


  • Proficient in English.
  • Experience catering sales & services required.
  • Demonstrates strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong negotiation skills.
  • Minimum 3 Years of Experience 

Interested candidates contact this number +91 73046 7800

For further