Nothing greater than selfless love..! A Syrian father proves it with his life..!

Here is the story of a family from Syria who proved that there is nothing greater than selfless love. If you read this story carefully, we are sure that this family will leave a joy in your heart. Many people think that people with Down syndrome cannot lead a complete and productive married life. However, it is a common misconception that people with Down syndrome do not have children. With God’s blessing, women in this condition can give birth to children and men can have children.

If you still do not believe this, Jad Issa from Syria is an example infront of you. He is a man with Down Syndrome, yet he became the father of a child and named that child Sader. Before Sader was born, many suspected that the child would have a disability, but Sader, like any other child, was a normal child. Subsequently, those around the family also provided them with support and assistance. Sader’s mother did not have any genetic defects but her life went on happily.

In addition, for the past 25 years, Jad has worked in a wheat factory six days a week to support his family. Jad wanted his son to be a doctor. For that, he encouraged his son to study from an early age. Eventually, Jad raised his son and became a doctor. Today Sader is a dentist in Syria. Sader says of his father, “Today my father is very happy and he will tell everyone that my son is a doctor! That is what he loves the most.” Sader says one of his childhood hobbies was playing wrestling,

thumb wrestling and other games with his father. “They’ve been married for decades, and they still love each other. The thing they love most is walking together, or they’re talking to each other for hours,” Sader said of the mutual love between father and mother. Sader gives his father full credit for his success. Sader said that if his father is proud and happy in his name, that is his greatest achievement.