Nothing can ever beat the time when a new baby recognizes dad’s voice with a smile soon after birth.!!

Usually, infants smile after 6 to 12 weeks of age, and every time they do, their parents beam with delight. As incredible as the moment is, one father’s experience in seeing his little bundle of joy perceived his voice and smiled at him. This is the story of Flávio Dantas, of Rio de Janeiro, and his smiling Antonella.

The new father was so eager to meet his girl, Antonella, that he spoke to her all the time, even when she was still in her mother’s belly. Little Antonella was laid on her mother’s chest by the hospital staff after she was born. What occurred next warmed her parent’s hearts.

The dad started conversing with his newly born daughter as usual. She abruptly opened her eyes and smiled up at him. This lifetime experience stunned Dantas, and he couldn’t describe his love for his daughter. The cute picture made its way online and had fans spouting over the child’s delightful smile.