Meet the canine who faked a limp to imitate his owner out of empathy!!!

Whenever our canines are in pain, we rush to see what’s going on. We’d do anything possible to keep our furry friends happy and safe. Such is the story of a dog named Billy who had gone viral after tricking people into believing he had a limp – when he was really duplicating his owner’s injury.

Russell Jones broke his lower leg in an accident last year but became concerned when his eight-year-old pet lurcher Billy began limping as well. Obviously, his parents took him to the vet straight away. After $400 worth of x-rays and tests, the vet figured everything seemed good with Billy. They suspected that he was just duplicating his dad’s movement,

probably showing sympathy toward him. Aww, that is the greatest con artist !!!! Regardless of the dollars spent, the purpose for Billy’s limping was heartwarming. Jones made a video of Billy in the move and shared it on social media, winning many hearts.