Handicapped calf and a monster turtle – A pair of impossible and lovely companions !!

We know that occasionally animals have impossible friendships. Whether it’s situations that toss them together or they simply end up finding a friend from another animal group, they incidentally become buddies, making an offbeat association.
These strange connections cause a certain double-takes, and they’re incredibly delightful, just like Leonardo and Simon.

Leonardo, the African prodded turtle, was saved from a Bangkok zoo in 2013, while Simon came in January after having a severe leg injury. The helpless calf lost one of his legs after getting caught in some vines. After a prosthetic surgery, the rescue center intended to acquaint him with a crowd of different bovines like him.

However, an incredible thing happened – the child cow met the monster turtle and became the closest buddies. To the amazement of all Simon, the cow has framed a solid bond with the giant turtle Leonardo. Staff says that the two are inseparable. They always chase after one another, sharing dinners and resting together. Let’s hope that this uncommon friendship keeps on thriving.