Enthusiastic reunion as Chinese man kidnapped 33 years ago tracks down his loved ones.!!

A man who was nabbed as a kid in China over 30 years prior has been brought together with his folks – thanks to the social media, online detectives, and an unrefined map drawn from memory. Li Jingwei was taken to reside with one family after he was grabbed by a man he knew from his family’s town in the southwestern Yunnan area when he was just four years old. Subsequent to hearing that other abducted kids had been brought together with family members,

Mr. Li shared a video on the Douyin app in December. It incorporates his map. The map, which incorporated the presence of specific homes as well as the utensils utilized by townspeople to cook rice, was all Mr. Jingwei needed to go on, as he was unable to recall his folks’ names or the name of his town. Despite everything, police matched the design to a settlement close to Zhaotong, a city in the mountains of Yunnan.

DNA tests affirmed Mr. Jingwei was the missing child of a lady from the town and after an emotional call, the pair were brought together at Henan police headquarters on New Year’s Day. Video of the gathering, shared broadly by state media and via social media, shows Li tumbling to his mom’s feet and the pair embracing in tears, encompassed by allies and different individuals from his birth family.