PRODUCTION OPERATOR jobs at dubai petroleum


    Department: Operations
    Reporting to: Production Supervisor
    Outside unit operator responsible for the safe, efficient and effective operation and front line maintenance of the processes, systems and equipment in the assigned area of responsibility.
    Operating Issuing Authority for the assigned area of responsibility for the PTW system.
    1. The safe, efficient and effective monitoring and operation of all processes, systems, and equipment in the assigned area of responsibility.
    2. The timely execution of the Planned Preventive Maintenance, (PPM Program), for the assigned area of responsibility as detailed in the 28 – 7 day plans, and recording of results in the Maximo.
    3. The routine inspection, monitoring and recording of operating conditions in the daily shift Reading Sheets and the keeping of accurate daily / shift records of equipment and systems status and any changes in the daily logs.
    4. The routine inspection & monitoring of the process consumables and the organization of replenishment(s) as required.
    5. The routine starting /stopping of equipment &/or adjustments to the process & equipment as directed by the Control Room Operator (CRO).
    6. The identification and reporting of corrective maintenance requirements/ corrosion / anomalies / structural defects within the assigned operating area. oil and gas jobsearch
    7. Safe starting or shutting down of Units / Platform in co ordination with CRO.
    8. Alternate and backfill as required with the Senior Operator-Tech.
    9. Ensures his work area is well maintained and carries out house keeping in his area of responsibility.
    10. Provide technical knowledge and experience in diagnosing and resolving operational problems, &/or identification of opportunities for improvement.
    11. Provide accurate and clear communications to operations and facilities team personnel to enable meeting of team targets and goals. Feedback to the Senior Op-Tech, CRO and Operations Supervisor any changes to production which affect work plans and schedules. Clear and accurate communication with the facilities support teams in the delivery of support services to the operations and maintenance efforts.Understand and have detailed knowledge of the company’s Emergency Response Procedures.
    HSC / B.Sc., in Science / Diploma in Chemical engineering
    Experience Profile:
    5 years offshore process operations experience, (or equivalent), including 1 or more of the following specializations:
    Crude separation / stabilization.
    Effluent treatment / disposal.
    Gas compression, (turbo-machinery).
    Sea water filtration, de-aeration, treatment, re-injection, (turbo-machinery).
    Utilities, (Turbo-Power generation; electrical power distribution; pneumatic power compression & conditioning; water and fuels systems).
    Controls & safeguard systems.
    Gas / water / Hydro carbon treating / process plants.
    Competencies/Skills/Others:Good written and spoken English
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