Openings At Afras Trading and Contracting Company

Afras Trading and Contracting Company is a Saudi Limited Liability Company incorporated in 1976 to compete on Operation and Maintenance Contracts for buildings and hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. After inception of its operations in the Central Region, Afras expanded horizontally and vertically to cover several businesses such as contracting, operation and maintenance, housekeeping and cleaning, pest control, hospitality, security, landscaping and gardening.

Afras enjoys high grades of classification in 9 areas, from the Contractors Classification Agency of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, including, but not limited to first grade in Maintenance of Buildings and first grade in maintenance of Medical Centers, etc.

As part of its expansion efforts, Afras established branches first in the Western Region in Jeddah, then in the Western Region in Dammam, followed by a third branch in Taif and a forth in Makkah.

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