Network Engineer At Al Ain Wildlife Park & Resort


    Job Purpose: 
    Designs, configures and maintenance of the enterprise’s LAN/WAN environment. This includes implementation configuration, coordination, control, maintenance, troubleshooting, security, usage monitoring, and the development of specialized procedures relating to the use of the network environment within the enterprise. Also to ensure smooth operation of communication networks in order to provide maximum performance and availability for their users (staff, clients, customers, suppliers, etc.). 

    Job Scope: 
    Extends to reach all network and telecommunication infrastructures related matters within ZAPIA. 

    Key Tasks and Duties: 
    • Undertaking routine preventative measures and implementing, maintaining and monitoring network security of the enterprise data communications networks. 
    • Maintain and implement telecommunication systems designed to meet the communication needs of the business. 
    • Performs security reviews and risk assessments on the network, computer and data systems. 
    • Provides technical guidance for planning and monitoring LAN/WAN and system operations. 
    • Checking the performance monitor and event viewer. 
    • Monitors reliability of the network infrastructure and operating systems on multiple platforms. 
    • Manages remote access and connectivity. 
    • Working closely with other departments/organizations and collaborating with other IT staff. 
    • Suggesting and providing IT solutions to business and management problems. 

    Academic and Professional Qualification: 
    Minimum : Bachelor in Computer Network or equivalent degree – 
    Preferred: – CCNA, CCNP, CCSP, Juniper 

    For Non-National: Minumum 3-5 years expeience in the relative field 
    For UAE National: Minumum 1-5 years expeience in the relative field


    Domain Skills and Knowledge Required: 
    • Ability to deal with Windows OS and MS Office 2003/2007. 
    • Documentation using Visio, Excel and MS word or anyother related programs. 
    • Ability to interface and troubleshoot connectivity and computer-related issues. 
    • Analytical and problem-solving skills. 
    • Teamworking skills. 
    • The ability to take on a variety of tasks and pay attention to detail. 
    • Organizational skills and the ability to priorities the workload. 
    • Communication skills (particularly the ability to communicate with staff who are not technically trained).

    Company Profile

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