Latest Job Openings At Lukoil Overseas Baltic

The Company’s mission is to consistently increase the value of LUKOIL stock, by continually increasing efficient oil and gas reserves and production abroad in priority countries and regions of activity. The Company’s main goal is to lead its peer group of transnational corporations in terms of main performance indicators, production volume and scale of operations. This approach forms the basis of LUKOIL Overseas’ ten-year strategy adopted in 2007. LUKOIL Overseas is successfully meeting this challenge by reinforcing its status on the international energy market and qualitatively improving its production and economic performance. The main principles of the Company’s operations are efficiency, competitiveness, investment attractiveness, and a balanced approach to serving the interests of its shareholders, partners and employees.

Construction Manager

Facilities Engineering Manager

Head of Engineering & Project Support

Materials and Corrosion Protection Manager

Mechanical Manager (Static Equipment)

Piping Engineering Manager