Latest Job Openings At Comprehensive Health Services (CSH)

Founded in 1975, CHS is the industry’s trusted provider of onsite health centers and national examination programs. Major corporations and government agencies look to CHS for workforce health and productivity management solutions that help maintain a healthier, more stable and productive workforce. CHS’ solutions maximize employer’s health care investment and integrate seamlessly with their existing benefits strategies.

Comprehensive Health Services has more than 30 years of established trust in meeting the workforce health needs of major corporations and government agencies. We are the industry’s largest independent provider of onsite health centers, nationwide exam programs and rapid-response medical readiness teams.

As an independent provider of workforce health care, we offer objective treatment and better care for your employees. We are focused on measuring and tracking results to maximize the effectiveness of every health care dollar spent, while ensuring employees have the best treatment options.

Our innovative solutions are transforming health care to achieve today’s requisites for large employers–better quality care, with smarter utilization of every health care dollar.

Operating Room Technician

Foreign National – Intensive Care Nurse

Operating Room Nurse