GASCO Careers job vacanies

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) is one of the world’s leading oil companies exploiting vast oil and gas reserves in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. It employs a large number of multinational, administration and technical staff.

Realizing that its people are its most important asset, ADNOC makes a significant, ongoing investment in developing a highly qualified and committed workforce. This involves not only a comprehensive program of staff training and management development, but also a focus on employee motivation, recognition and reward.

1 Electrical Engineer 1 09/Dec/2014
2 Mechanical Engineer 1 09/Dec/2014
3 Planning Engineer 1 09/Dec/2014
4 Senior Mechanical Engineer (ODS) 1 09/Dec/2014
5 Rigging Supervisor 1 09/Dec/2014
6 Electrical Supervisor 1 09/Dec/2014
7 Principal Operations Engineer 1 15/Dec/2014
8 Principal Engineer (Rotating) 1 15/Dec/2014
9 Rotating Equipment Engineer 1 15/Dec/2014