Coordinator-Outreach & Animal Trainer -AlAin Wildlife Park & Resort


Job Purpose: 
This position is required to enhance integrity of different functions within assigned area. It is also required to enhance proper planning and budgeting process for the department. This position is also required to standardize work procedures and policies among different functions within assigned area. 

Job Scope: 
The Coordinator performs all job assignments with a positive attitude that reflects Al-Ain Zoo’s mission and vision of connecting people to wildlife, conservation. The Coordinator is responsible for and oversees all aspects of the safe care, handling and training arrangements for the required animal collection as well outreach programs. This position will participate in preparation of the departmental annual work plans and budget as well as policies relevant to the assigned area of work. 

Tasks and Duties: 
• Supervise staff at the level designated by senior management. 
• Develop and mentor progress of UAE National staff. 
• Evaluates, adjusts and coordinates husbandry standards and training techniques applied to an assigned animal collection according to a zoo master plan. 
• Coordinate activities among different animal training and outreach functions as per department annual work plans 
• Prepare annual work plans and budgets for the animal outreach and training functions 
• Plans, oversees, directs implementation and coordination of animal husbandry and training programs, regularly inspects and observes assigned collection for overall health and welfare.
• Ensures dietary requirements of the assigned collection are met and fulfilled. 
• Discusses morbidity and mortality with veterinary and pathology staff. 
• Manages and evaluates the performance of outreach and animal training staff or as assigned. 
• Oversees and participates in the preparation and maintenance of a variety of collection records required for collection management. 
• Assures the meeting of legal requirements in collection management as well as domestic and international shipping of animals; develops new techniques as required to meet animal shipment regulations; may assist in the acquisition of permits. 
• Maintains a variety of contacts in order to respond to inquiries and requests and to effectively coordinate collection maintenance and training management activities. 

Bachelor’s Degree in Zoology, Animal Science, Wildlife Management or other related field. 

Minimum of 10 years working experience with exotic animals (mammals, birds and reptiles) and out of these minimum of 4 years working experience in outreach and animal training.


• Animal management, training and husbandry skills 
• Exhibit design and maintenance 
• Manage supervisory staff 
• Communicate in English effectively (verbal and written) 
• Develop short and long-range strategic and tactical plans 
• Leadership skills 
• Management skills 
• Professional project management 
• Budgeting and planning kills 
• Team building skills 
• Reporting skills 
• Interpersonal communication skills 
• Professional presentation skills 
• Excellent computer skills

Company Profile

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