Coordinator Animal Nutrition Al Ain Wildlife Park & Resort


Job Purpose: 
This position is required to enhance integrity of different functions within assigned area. It is also required to enhance proper planning and budgeting process for the assigned area. 
Coordinators role is also aiming to standardize work procedures and policies among different functions within assigned area. 
To ensure the provision of high quality cost effective food to Al Ain Zoo animal collection on a timely and efficient basis; to ensure the optimal nutrition for the animal collection. 

Job Scope: 
Cover all departments in Al Ain Zoo from within Animal Collection Section. 

Tasks and Duties: 
o Supervise staff at the level designated by senior management. 
o Develop and mentor progress of UAE National staff. 
o Development and management of animal nutrition and feed supplies to ZAPIA Animal Collections 
o Ensuring the supply of quality food stuffs for all animals including meat, fish, fruit, vegetables and fodder 
o Ensure that supplies meet quality needs in terms of freshness and nutritional status 
o Ensure timely and cost effective supplies 
o Oversee and manage supply contracts 
o Investigate cost effective and quality options for the local and regional supply of food materials 
oEnsure food stuffs are stored and prepared in effective, timely, hygienic and efficient processes. 
o Undertake regular quality testing of food stuffs 

Qualification & Experience: 
Minimum: Bachelor 4 year college degree in biology or related degree or associate degree from exotic animal degree program. 
Preferred: Master College degree in wildlife management, zoology, biology 
Minimum of 6 to 8 years animal management experience and Experience with wild and domestic animal nutrition with a minimum of 6 years of direct animal management (Supervisory role) in a zoological institution or its equivalent.


An understanding of the purpose of Al Ain Zoo, its mission and the outline function of each department within the organisation. 
Strong leadership ability. 
Strong ability to interact within a team. 
Animal management expertise. 
Commitment to the highest standards of animal care and welfare. 
Organizational and communication skills. 
Computer knowledge of Microsoft programs, ISIS, ARKS, SPARKS, Medark 
Strong motivational skills 
Ability, willingness to perform tasks assigned by Animal Collection Manager during all shifts, every day of the week, or as required. 
Fluent in verbal and written communication in English language.

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