Maritime Booming in Abu Dhabi: A Chance to Get Employed

Maritime Booming in Abu Dhabi: A Chance to Get Employed

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This post or all job seekers who searching for marine careers and jobs in gulf countries.

While the entire world seems to be shifting focus to the west, destinations in the Middle East are offering no less opportunities. Be it the number of proliferating sectors or the diversity in economy, the UAE has come up as one of the most promising countries for professionals flocking from around the world.

Abu Dhabi for that matter of fact is one such place to consider. Apart from a plethora of career opportunities that it provides, this exotic emirate seems to be booming in a number of aspects. Presently, the maritime industry in here seems to be gaining immense limelight.

Maritime Goes Boom-Boom with Infrastructure Developing

A recent article on a reputed website suggested that a passenger increase by nearly 48%, coupled with a historic two-ship visit from Cunard Line has made the cruise season 2014-15, one of the busiest for Abu Dhabi maritime. This not only vouches for the increasing numbers that the emirate is hitting, but the prospects of future growth it aims at scoring as well. Ports like Zayed Port have seen Abu Dhabi’s cruise business growing out of the bounds. Places like Sir BaniYas Island have witnessed the establishment of new island stopover and a multiple terminals for cruises being built, which clearly indicate towards the regime’s intention to make the best kind of social and physical infrastructure available for Abu Dhabi’s maritime to blossom.

In addition to this, as many development projects that might be underway in the emirate, the cargo growth in here is no less in terms of growth. Having been participants in The Cargo Show, one of the biggest infrastructure exhibitions in the MENA region, Abu Dhabi ports came up as a major helping hand for the UAE’s maritime sector to hope for growth in the near future. Enabling a multitude of import and export activities along with enticing and supporting a growing number of customers, the infrastructure provided here not only proves to be an impeccable intermodal network for transportation, but provides outstanding market access to the professionals as well.

High Chances of Getting Employed For The Talented

Sources suggest that Abu Dhabi ports are expected to contribute nearly Dh 49.6 billion to the emirate’s GDP by 2030. This is nothing but a manifestation of the immense amount of investment made in the infrastructure and ships in here. Not even affected as far as a modicum by the slump in oil prices, the maritime industry in here is solely growing on the basis of the emirate’s non-oil economic growth.

As of 2014, nearly 39,500 jobs were created in the industry, providing diverse employment options to those holding the right skills and expertise pertaining to the field. However, the number of Emiratis working in the sphere are expected to increase to a notch of 55%, but there still remain a zillion chances for those enticed by the likes of Abu Dhabi maritime. To your astonishment, the government is expecting the job creation to reach a number as high as 100,000 by the year 2030. Isn’t it a good enough reason for you to desire more?

The reasons accountable for the same can be mentioned as the solid growth witnessed in the first quarter of 2015, with the number of global investors increasing by a whopping 15% in the same period. This not only opens the doors for foreign trade to step in, but increases the sample space for a personnel to make the right pick as well.