Association Manager



    The Association Manager shall be overall responsible for management of the Owners Associations (OA) and compliance with Law No. 27 of 2007 in the Emirate of Dubai (Jointly Owned Property Law) which includes, but not limited to site operations and supervision, financial, general management, relationship management with OA Board Members, Owners, Service Providers, Contractors and all other entities who directly or indirectly contribute to the management and operations of the OA.


    The Association Manager shall be responsible for and supported by a team which may include (dependant on size of the communities or as approved by the management), Community Supervisors, Community Coordinators, Finance Executives and Community Administrators.


    Management of Owners Association (OA)

    • Ensures full compliance with the Jointly Owned Property Law and Directions therein.
    • Develops/Coordinates/Facilitates registration and formation of OA.
    • Develops, manages, implements governing documents that are required for managing the OA (declarations, community rules, codes, covenants and easements, policies, procedures, processes, sales and purchase agreements etc.)
    • Manages relationships with OA Board Members and Homeowners/Residents.
    • Caters to the secretarial and administrative requirements of the OA/OA Board Members (minutes of meetings, reports, presentations, letters, notice etc.)
    • Plans, organizes, manages and conducts Annual General Assemblies of homeowners in line with the Association Constitution.
    • Plans, organizes, manages, conducts or chair OA Board Meetings for OA related businesses.
    • Manages OA Financials, OA insurances and related claims execution.
    • Manages OA’s Common Areas and services therein (buildings, facilities, infrastructure, landscaping, soft and hard services)
    • Manages contracts or agreements with all parties who conduct business or transact with the OA, as may be applicable from time to time.
    • Manages and ensures comprehensive records and systems are appropriately kept and filed (record keeping in line with the Association Constitution).
    • Manages Reviews and implements methods for regular communications or updates with members of the OA, residents etc.
    • Liaises with government authorities on issues pertaining to the OA, as often or as required from time to time.

    Management of OA Financials

    • Prepares budgets for the community service fees in consultation with the management team or OA Board.
    • Presents budget to the OA Board and OA as may be applicable from time to time for approvals.
    • Liaises with RERA and seek approvals on the community service fees.
    • Manages the process for invoicing community service fees to all homeowners.
    • Manages the community service fee collections process by continuously following up and implementing strategies to ensure maximum collections.
    • Manages the community service fee budgets by exercising due diligence and cost control to ensure expenses do not exceed the budget.
    • Manages the OA cash flow through revenues and expenses, escalating as appropriate to Senior Management and OA Board Members on shortfalls due to collections.
    • Reviews incoming invoices and process the same for timely payments to respective parties.
    • Reviews and suggests initiatives to increase community income and cost savings.
    • Pursues recovery of outstanding community service fee from defaulting units.
    • Prepares regular financial reports with the help of available team or otherwise.

    Management of Vendors and Procurement

    • Manages all vendors (contractors, suppliers, service providers etc.) who transact with the OA and prepares or reviews Request for Proposals or procurement requirements for the OA.
    • Reviews, negotiates and prepares reports on recommendation and analysis on the procurement requirements.

    Community/Building/Site Management

    • Conducts regular inspections/audits of the assigned community and drive proactive resolutions to ensure the standards are maintained at all times.
    • Reviews service provider/contractor performance.
    • Reviews work schedules, service level agreements, reports and scope of works to ensure the best of standards are maintained at all times.
    • Organizes regular meetings with service providers to drive overall site management.
    • Advises Senior Management or OA Board on any non conformance or non performance of service providers and recommend appropriate actions to be taken (proactive, reactive or corrective).
    • Manages process to proactively update Senior Management or OA Board on any maintenance requirements.
    • Ensures all statutory requirements are fulfilled and up to date.
    • Continuously reviews and resolves all health and safety issues.
    • Manages crisis and emergencies at any/all times of incident and reporting the same to respective authorities, whilst escalating the same through established policies and processes.

    Customer Services

    • Ensures timely customer communications to customer via established channels and recommend ways to enhance the same.
    • Resolves customer complaints and minimize issues escalated to Senior Management and OA Board members.
    • Develops community newsletters or updates on a monthly or quarterly basis.

    Community Events

    • Plans and organizes community events promoting the spirit, wellbeing and cohesiveness of the community
    • Organizes sponsorships to fund community events
    • Develops communication methods to market the event and increase footfall to the same. This will include, but not limited to, flyers, posters, notices, circulars, e-mails, text messages, e-marketing etc.


    • Prepares scheduled and ad-hoc reports for Senior Management and OA Board.
    • Prepares presentations and analysis as may be required from time to time.

    Team Management

    • Supervises team activities to ensure required/expected standards are met.
    • Identifies and recommends team’s professional development.
    • Conducts appraisals for team members
    • Provide performance feedback to team members for continual improvement.
    • Delegates work with clear instructions to team.




    Qualifications, Experience & Skills:

    • Minimum graduate degree from a reputed university with qualifications like engineering/architecture preferred but not required.
    • Professional Community Management certification.
    • Minimum 4 years on the same level of experience preferably in a medium to large organisation.
    • Ability to interact tactfully and effectively with customers.
    • Strong problem analysis, solving and research skills.
    • Strong presentation skills both verbal and literal.
    • Ability to explain financials to committees.
    • Ability to convey message politely, tactfully and confidently in conflicts or challenging situations.
    • Ability to provide coaching, feedback and on the job training when needed.
    • Ability to utilize available resources effectively.

    Primary Location: United Arab Emirates

    Job: Community Management

    Organization: Emaar Community Management L.L.C.

    Schedule: Full-time

    Shift: Day Job

    Employee Status: Permanent

    Job Type: Experienced

    Job Level: Manager